Internet marketing can be a daunting prospect for any small business looking to promote their businesses online for the first time.

  • How do you know which Internet Marketing Strategies are right for you?
  • How do you know where to start?
  • How do you know what you can do yourself and what you should outsource?

This site aims to help  small business new to the web  find the most appropriate Internet Marketing solutions; by applying the  right strategies to grow their businesses online.  Learn why you should do something and then on how you do it;  as cost effectively as possible for your small business. You will find the Internet Marketing Solutions which are right for your business in our blog. .



Internet Marketing Strategies: What are they?


Internet Marketing – at its most basic – can be defined as the art of selling more of your offering online. The Internet Marketing Strategies we focus on in our blog will give you a range of internet marketing solutions for your business; solutions which will present themselves to you once you begin to apply and test out the of strategies discussed on our blog. For small businesses new to Internet Marketing, two essentials to ‘nail’  are; firstly, your focus is going to be largely on direct marketing – specifically what is known as ‘permission based’ marketing; secondly, the marketing of your product on the internet is , much more important than getting your website to look right.  What is key is to set up a robust internet marketing campaign that will give you the right internet marketing solutions for your business and to keep it working over time.


Most big name brands have a marketing approach that is based on supporting their brand and encouraging/incentivising people to buy from retailers.      With internet marketing, the focus is more on interacting with your customers who become more like your ‘partners’ than your ‘customers’. This is great news for small businesses planning to adopt internet marketing strategies as it presents a level playing field from a resourcing point of view.


Internet Marketing Solutions

Your internet marketing solutions come from applying and testing the following four Internet Marketing Strategies in varying ways:


Internet Marketing Strategies #1

Attracting traffic to your site

Traffic means potential customers coming to your site; however it also means repeat visits by those who are already customers. This is good news for small businesses beginning Internet Marketing as it shouldn’t cost any money…  However it is important to get the right ‘qualified’ traffic coming to your site.  This is largely achieved through ‘Social Media Marketing’- interacting with your customers and potential customers through Twitter, Face book, LinkedIn, etc; finding out what their needs and wants are their challenges and frustrations. This is significantly more than simple ‘networking’! Various tactics and strategies for your small business Social Media Marketing are and will continue to be discussed in our Internet Marketing Strategies blog.

Once you have your traffic, convert as many of them as possible into buyers. This usually involves your visitor giving your their email address and permission for you to contact them in exchange for something you agree to give them for free.


Internet Marketing Strategies #2


The search results that appear in the main listing area of Google are lifted from a database created as Google scans websites and categorises them according to their content. If you rank highly in the listings you will get free traffic from those who have searched for your business by typing in relevant ‘keywords’. Keyword research is an important Internet Marketing Strategy which you can learn more about in our blog.

Unfortunately there is no way of guaranteeing the top spot for any high traffic keywords whether you are a small internet based business or a large one.  To appear on the first page requires hard work through the Internet Marketing Strategy known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). There are two parts to this: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, which you will read more about in our Internet Marketing Strategies blog. These are the Internet Marketing Solutions to increase your online visibility and drive more traffic to your site. It takes time so you will need patience. The good news for small businesses new to Internet Marketing however is that Google rewards sites that have been around a bit in two ways: first it will rank an older site higher than an equivalent brand new one. Secondly, you earn brownie points for the number of links coming into your site from relevant, higher –ranking sites


Internet Marketing Strategies # 3


The most common form of Internet Marketing advertising is Google Ad Words (PayPerClick). The advantage of this to small businesses new to Internet Marketing is that it can drive qualified, relevant traffic to your site at a price that you decided. You pay only when a potential visitor clicks the ad and visits your site. More on this will be discussed in our blog. PPC also allows you to track the effectiveness of your ad by measuring its ‘click-through’ rate; the percentage of those who click on your ad. You can also track sales themselves so you can determine which of your ads was the ‘most profitable’.


Internet Marketing Strategies # 4:

Permission based Internet Marketing

Nurturing your ‘tribe’ or ‘tribes’ is something you will come across a lot during your Internet Marketing adventure; particularly on Social Media. Once a visitor arrives at your site, it is key to start a long –term relationship with theme- they have invested in your business and will be looking for treatment in kind.  If they are happy to give you their contact details- just a name and email address are usually all that are required; then the law of reciprocity kicks in with you giving them something of real value to them.

With permission based Internet Marketing; once the customer hands over their details, they then receive specially written emails which have two goals in mind: firstly to encourage them to read more of your emails and ultimately to be able to sell more to them in time. A common mistake is to make every email seem like a sales letter. This leads to the downhill spiral where your customer starts disengaging with you and sooner rather than later, unsubscribes. The priority is to earn the trust of your customers and give them real value through your emails. In a sense you want them to be ‘pre-conditioned’ to expect nothing but high value from you.

The series of of emails you send is called an ‘auto responder’ and there are many email providers  that enable you to do this, such as which is free  at the basic level; perfect for small businesses new to Internet Marketing. A good autoresonder sequence will enable you to build trust over a much shorter period than a sales page and is a truly powerful tool to have in your small business Internet Marketing arsenal.


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